House Description

4 Guests

The Yolo Resort Sabbia apartment is 50 sq.m. on the ground floor of the building and has the able to accommodate 4 people. It includes a single living room and kitchen with two separate bedrooms making your sleep a priority with Spring Beds ® by Nikos Haritos.

In the bedrooms there are double beds selected especially for the guests of the Yolo Resort apartments our group. (Renovation in progress)

Free wireless broadband is provided in every apartment of the complex access (Wi-Fi) to the internet (internet) as well as air conditioning with system cooling-heating as well as a solar water heater.

The living room of the apartment includes a sofa of unique aesthetics specially selected to match the home decor and flat screen TV smart 43 inch to enjoy your movies via Netflix and your music via You Tube. (Renovation in progress)

The kitchen of the residence has all the household equipment dishes, glasses, cutlery, tea mugs, coffee mugs and espresso cups as well as all the necessary electrical appliances for the visitor, refrigerator, kitchen, stoves as well and coffee machine for Espresso capsules.

The bathroom of the residence is equipped with a shower, mirror, hair dryer, box first aid as well as wonderful amenities that make the first hours pleasant of your stay.

The residence has its own terrace with sunbeds and a table for your enjoyment incredible view of the Ionian Sea from the early hours of the morning with thousands of sun stars at night.